Step Up to Unforgettable Presentations!

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For many people public speaking courses are fine. But for those who want to be memorable…there’s Paula Statman.

People turn to Paula for presentation coaching when they want to:

  • Ignite audiences’ interest in their topic.
  • Develop effective presentation techniques.
  • Deliver innovative technical talks.
  • Engage, inform, inspire, motivate, and entertain.

Paula Statman is a creative consultant with 20 years experience as a professional speaker. She offers more than traditional presentation skills training – and gets more than traditional results – with backgrounds in music, theater, psychology and education.

Paula works with diverse clients such as business people, sales trainers, media spokespersons, technical experts, development professionals, advertising and marketing executives, as well as professional speakers.

Clients include GlaxoSmithKline, Kaiser Permanente, Proactiv, PG&E, Institute for the Future, and Weight Watchers International.

“Working with Paula Statman on my story was like working with a skilled potter. We threw a blob of clay on the pottery wheel and shaped it little by little. Paula removed a piece here, added a shape there, until finally, we crafted a masterpiece. It was amazing to work with her. She knew exactly where to place suspense, humor, and surprise in my story and predicted what the audience’s reaction would be (and she was right!). Paula helped me create a presentation that received a rousing standing ovation and new speaking opportunities. I look forward to collaborating with her on future stories and speeches. She is a master speech and presentation coach.”

Rosie Aiello, M.B.A., Speaker, Author and Productivity Expert